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Nothing fancy, just a web site by someone crazy about anything with a motor !

About MotorCrazy.com

Harley Davidson Knucklehead Engine Hi! My name is Sam and I'm a gearhead! If you're looking at this page, odds are that you are a gearhead too. Or at least know a gearhead yourself. Count yourself lucky if you do. That probably means you get unbiased advice about your car and maybe even free oil changes. Brake jobs too if you're lucky.

This is my personal web site, and is here only because I wanted to do it. This site will have all kinds of stuff not directly "Motor" related. Since it's my site, you'll see pretty much anything I decide to put on it! The first amendment at it's finest!

This is not a business, but you will occasionally see stuff for sale.

As far as motors go, I pretty much love anything that can propel itself. All the better if it can be ridden. All the better if it's fast. I love cars and bikes, but have been known to spend a great deal of time climbing over an old steam train engine trying to figure out how it works. Model airplane engines are cool, even better if they're multi-cylinder and four stroke. Tether racers are cool. Blown fuel altereds are so insane they've been outlawed ... which makes them insanely cool. Old motorcycles, especially bobbers, are cool. Airplanes are very cool, especially anything with a Rolls-Royce Merlin in it. Keep checking back and you'll learn all kinds of things about these and more.

Music has also carved a big chunk out of my life. I'll be putting a lot of music related stuff on here too. After all, what's cruising in a fine ride without having your own choice of sound track blasting through the speakers!

Please feel free to contribute and/or comment on anything you see here! If you think you have something that may fit in, please feel free to contact me. Also feel free to grab any of the pictures you see. A lot of them are actually bigger than displayed! Just Right Click and select "Save Picture As...".

Keep 'em clean, keep 'em running!

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What's with this BLUE?!?

This blue I'm using as a font color is based on the Bianchi Racing Team colors! I just happen to really like it!

It's an aqua blue called Celeste (pronounced che-les-te in Italian, Ce-les-te in Spanish and Se-lest in English). It is the colloquial name for the pale turquoise blue color associated with Italian bicycle manufacturer Bianchi S.p.A and sometimes known as Bianchi Green. In Italian, as the name indicates (Celestial), it is an attempt to reproduce the color of clear skies. In English, this color may also be referred to as Italian sky blue.

Bianchi bicycles are traditionally painted Celeste, also known as Bianchi Green (and sometimes, incorrectly Tiffany Blue). Contradictory myths say Celeste is the color of the Milan sky; the eye color of a former queen for whom Edoardo Bianchi made a bicycle; and that it was a mixture of surplus military paint. If you've ever seen the belly of a WWII British Supermarine Spitfire, it's very close!

The exact shade of turquoise used by the company has varied over time, but has always been described as Celeste. In Anglophone countries Celeste is sometimes reported as Pantone #332 (Seafoam green) (or #333), and with various other shades. The color I'm using, "color: #A7E7D8;", was pulled from the style sheets of the Bianchi web site.

Bianch Logo

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Tools and Technology

The following is a list of the tools and technology that were used to build this site.

Tools and Technology of MotorCrazy.com
Page Development, HTML/CSS Editor Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud
Image Manipulation Paint Shop Pro X6, MS Paint
Picture Album Generation jAlbum 11.6.14
Web Site Hosting ICDSoft
DNS Hosting/Registrar DOTster
Dreamweaver Education A. Grace, CIM243.1 at Irvine Valley College, Spring 2014
CSS for MotorCrazy css_motorcrazy.css
CSS for "Polaroids" by W3Schools css_polaroid.css
Cameras Used Nikon D90, Fujifilm S5000
Royalty Free images and fonts Google.com
Hand tools, power tools Craftsman Tools
HTML and CSS Reference W3Schools.com

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Contact Information

Send emails to "Sam (at) MotorCrazy (dot) com"

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Licensing and Legalese

Approximately 80% to 90% of the pictures and other content on this site were produced by my wife or me. The remaining images were either found as license free images on Google ("labeled for reuse"), or were downloaded from commercial sites with full attribution and links back to their site (i.e. Bianchi). If you've found something that you are a copyright holder of and you don't wish it to be on this site, Just let me know and I'll pull it down immediately.

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