A car moves the body. A motorcycle moves the soul.

This is either a weird attempt at aerodynamics, or he has a passenger in there!

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2004 Superbike Races at Laguna Seca Raceway

In 2004, some buds and I rode our bikes up the coast to the Superbike Races at Laguna Seca. I had a little mishap while carving the winding coast highway. I was moving fast and deep in a corner when I ran out of talent. I found out that a VFR800 does not make a good dual sport bike! Shortly after that, I almost hit a deer! Crazy weekend! The races were great!

Click the picture to see the pics!

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Project Panhead

I'll be putting up details about my bike project soon. A panhead based bobber with modern bits. No billet, but as much finned cast aluminum as I can find.

Here's a quick list of parts that are going into it. I'll provide more pics and details shortly.


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Little White Yamaha

Story coming soon about this unique little Yamaha and it's oh so famous former owner!


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My Honda 1999 VFR800

1999 Honda VFR800

1999 Honda VFR800

This is my 1999 Honda VFR800. It's an amazing bike. It has a 90° V4 which is incredibly smooth all through the power band. There's no buzziness or vibration
that you get with inline fours.

My license plate frame says...
"There are no atheists at 150 MPH"


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The NEW 2014 Honda VFR800

2014 Honda VFR800

Today's sport/touring rider expects a bike that provides performance, technology,
and features in one package. A bike that performs as well in the curves as it does
on the open road. And a bike with unparalleled fit and finish.
In short, a bike that only Honda can deliver.

The Interceptor's 782cc V-4 VTEC engine has new fuel-injection mapping for better
low-end torque feel. It includes adjustable seat height to better fit a range of riders,
new front-mount radiator for a slimmer profile, radial-mount front brakes, and
all-new side-muffler, wheels and Pro-Arm swing-arm. There’s even a Deluxe model
for 2014 with features like traction control, Anti-Lock Brakes, self-canceling turn
signals, a center-stand and heated grips.

Whether you choose the standard or deluxe version,
this is a bike that you'll appreciate over the miles and the years.


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