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Friend's Bands and Music Links

Dead Ringer, The Ambassadors of Lounge!

These are my very good buds Ron and Kathy. They have been gifted with awesome talent for mellow cocktail Jazz that will just melt you! They have two CDs that are great and you gotta see them live! As I said on their first CD...

Liner Notes:

When I first heard them, these cats were playin' cool and sweet, and the cherry on top was the kitten with the pipes. The songs came at me, slow and delicious. Old songs. Sentimental songs. Love songs sang from the heart to the heart. Songs from the past served up on a tight Jazz platter. Songs thought long dead, kept alive as only Dead Ringer can. I hope you'll love them as much as I do. You can't turn back the clock, but you sure can wind it up again.

— Sam Pawley, Executive Producer

Dead Ringer at JAX Bar and Grill in Glendale.

Matthew Von Doran

Von Doran is an artist with vision and an emerging style that makes him someone to watch. He is clearly his own man; there is no sense of compromise on a recording that is completely engaging, with plenty of melodic hooks, solid grooves and fine playing.

— All About

I should kick your @ss!

— Ted Nugent *

Matthew is the only guitar teacher that ever actually taught me anything. His love of what can be pulled out of a simple metal string stretched across some wood shows in both his music, and what he brings out of his students. If you ever have a chance to get lessons from him, pay attention. It's a gift that goes way beyond the few dollars you will pay for it. I have notes and sheets of music from those lessons that I still pore over and pull magic from.

If you ever have the chance to see him live, do it! You won't regret it! His songs played on fretless guitars will bend your mind.

* Yes, Ted actually said this to Matthew's face! Ask him to tell you about it.

Bike Links

Fabricator Kevin, If it ain't steel, it ain't real!

FABRICATOR KEVIN is THE specialist in CUSTOM, made to order STEEL parts for your Chopper. Computer Aided Design, and CNC Plasma and Laser cutting allow for very accurate parts and fabrications at affordable prices.

Flyrite Choppers!

This is a company that makes and sells a VERY cool little chopper / bobber. The price is awesome too if you've ever looked at what a custom bike costs these days!

Sucker Punch Sallys!

More cool bobbers and choppers. Very clean and minimalist. No monster billet barges here!

Car Links

Jalopy Journal

A very cool car site I found.

Plane Links

Planes of Fame Air Museum

An awesome museum that has been keeping them flying for moany decades!

Lyon Air Museum

This is a great small air museum on the John Wayne Airport. It's on the side oposite the commercial terminals. They seem to keep them flying and have paid walkthroughs and flights.

Just Because

Swampy Ale

Our "sister" site! Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

This is a great site that digests the web and provides links to just 5 or so of the best videos on the Interwebs that day. This saves GOBS of time over randomly surfing YouTube.

Fun and Goofy Shopping

Hell's Bells Customs (formerly Skull Screamer Helmets)

This company sells some of the coolest motorcycle helmets! 3D works of art to protect yer noggin'!

Think Geek!

OK, so I'm a geek! I admit it! I love Think Geek and shop there often! This is where I get those T-Shirts that I end up having to explain to people.

Hoodlum Welding Helmets!

I saw the flaming skull welding helmet on some gear head show on TV. It was just too cool for school! After a little time with Google, I had this site book marked! Check them out, they rock!

Moonshine Lamp Shades!

OK, this has nothing to do with cars or bikes, but I like it so it's in! Check it out, they've got some pretty funky stuff!

Head Mounted Displays! (Caution -- Deep Geek!)

Again, nothing to do with cars or bikes. I just always thought the idea of head mounted displays was cool! Very deep geek!